My research revolves around interdisciplary applications of machine learning. The main focus of my PhD is applying ML to identify interesting phenomena arising in the plasma surrounding Earth at the magnetosphere.


  • Technical student at CERN working with Kubeflow, a cloud native service supporting scalable end-to-end machine learning pipelines
  • Research assistant at Helsinki Institute of Physics, calibration of particle jets at the CMS experiment
  • Full-stack developer at Fjuul devloping a mobile application for health tracking
  • Research assistant at Helsinki Accelerator Laboratory where we simulated iron-chromium alloys using molecular dynamics
  • Further information in my CV.


article Jet Energy Calibration with Deep Learning as a Kubeflow Pipeline
Daniel Holmberg, Dejan Golubovic, Henning Kirschenmann
Computing and Software for Big Science, Vol 7, Aug 2023
paper | arxiv | kubecon video | meetup video
article Jet Energy Corrections with Graph Neural Network Regression
Daniel Holmberg
Master’s Thesis, University of Helsinki, Feb 2022
thesis | slides | poster
article Interatomic Fe–Cr potential for modeling kinetics on Fe surfaces
Pekko Kuopanportti, Matti Ropo, Daniel Holmberg, et al.
Computational Materials Science, Vol 203, Feb 2022
paper | arxiv
article Potentialmodeller vid simulering av Fe-Cr
Daniel Holmberg
Bachelor’s Thesis, University of Helsinki, May 2019
thesis | slides


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Emerging Computing Architectures HU Distributed ML Seminar :finland:
Interatomic Potentials for Fe-Cr Helsinki Accelerator Laboratory Simumeet :finland:


Arnold Sommerfeld School: Physics meets Artificial Intelligence Ludwig Maximilian University
Plasma Physics Meets AI: Workshop on Subgrid-scale Modeling for Turbulence Aalto University
Representation Learning over Graph Data Institut Pascal
CMS ML Hackathon: Jet tagging CERN IdeaSquare
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